Monday, February 28, 2011

Inhabitants of Everglades Meet Their Match

The Florida Everglades have always been home to many dangerous creatures. Its murky waters have housed alligators, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, and countless other life forms. Now a new monster has moved to the Sunshine State. The Swamp Dweller was recently spotted rising from the bottom of the Everglades surface. His scaly, sharp fingers ripped open a seven foot gator while his jagged teeth tore apart a python. The power of the deadly Swamp Dweller is evident. It seems like the inhabitants of the Everglades have met their match with this dangerous foe.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Boogeyman Ignores Naughty/Nice List

The long told stories of the Boogeyman are not myth. He is alive and well, and scaring people with every encounter. Be good or the Boogeyman will come, children are told. Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. The Boogeyman is here!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Study Finds Link Between Terrifying Toy Box and a Lifetime of Nightmares

This is one toy box you don’t want to give to the kiddies. It could lead to a lifetime of nightmares as the doll that calls The Terrifying Toy Box its home attacks children of all ages. His blood drenched toys further enhances the animatronic’s realism and when Killem Kyle lets out a blood-curdling scream your hair will stand on end.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cellar Dweller Spotted

Sightings of a Cellar Dweller have been reported in various towns along the North Shore of Long Island. The frightful monster loves to leave the basement all year round, but he’s especially fond of Halloween. When the cold weather and recent snowstorms hit the area, Cellar Dweller returned to his favorite location, basements of old abandoned homes and buildings. With a thaw in the air, he has been leaving his solitude and venturing out into more heavily populated areas. Expect Cellar Dweller to become a permanent fixture in your town in the not so distant future. Lock your basement doors and check for any unwanted guests.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Brew Just Not Enough

Never offer Vampire a drink if you come across him. A beer won’t hit the spot for him, but your blood certainly will. Living through the centuries, the count of the underworld remains king of his realm. His vicious bite will transform you into one of his blood-thirsty disciples. Don’t prepare to battle Vampire because your blows will prove futile. His only weaknesses are the light of day and a wooden stake through his cold, evil heart. A little garlic around your neck won’t hurt either.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Curse of Lupus

Beware the curse of Lupus the Wolf. When the full moon rises, he changes from a meek man to a crazed beast searching for flesh. With a piercing howl, he scampers into the night feasting on whatever crosses his path. As the blood drips from his mouth, realize he is still hungry for more. Keep a careful eye as nightfall approaches, because Lupus the Wolf might be following closely behind you.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hibernation Cut Short for The Monster

The classic Monster is back after a long hibernation. Villagers outside of London reported seeing The Monster wandering the hills last night. His creator must have awakened him, because the timeless creature hasn’t been terrorizing anyone for quite a while. The Monster reportedly is stronger than ever, as witnessed by his uprooting of trees and flinging of cars. Luckily, no one has suffered any physical harm yet. Lock the doors! The Monster is back.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Illiterate Evil Twin on Path of Terror

From the Black Hills of South Dakota, Inbred Evil Twin is terrorizing everyone in his path. This hillbilly won’t leave you with a down home feeling. The Inbred Evil Twin can’t read or write, but he can wreak havoc wherever he goes. He has a particular hatred of city dwellers, so pray the Inbred Evil Twin remains in rural areas where he might not cause as much damage. Purchase your own Evil Twin Halloween Costume.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Dug Up

Unearthed from his grave, Dug Up is an ageless wonder that strikes fear in all who see him. He might not be nimble on his feet, but don’t let that fool you. Dug Up’s superhuman strength is more than enough to bring any of his prey to their feet. If Dug Up comes to your town, gather your neighbors and grab some shovels. Maybe you’ll be able to return him to his rightful home. Purchase your own Dug Up Halloween Mask

Vampire Clown Stalks Patrons

Accounts of a horrible circus experiment gone awry have surfaced. A Vampire Clown was seen under the big top, stalking patrons of the usually fun filled event. With a sneer on his face and his fangs protruding from his mouth, this freak of nature is ready to begin his blood lust feast. I suggest you grab the kids and stay home until Vampire Clown is caught or leaves town. Purchase your own Vampire Clown Halloween Mask

Creature of Night has Ear Fetish

Don’t talk to strangers, unless your life depends on it. This masked chatter-box is likely to bite your ear off after bending it. Last seen mumbling to himself on Hollywood Boulevard, this creature of the night is being sought by the scientist who created him late last year. He said Chatterer is most dangerous when someone ignores him. The best course of action to take if confronted by him is to engage in conversation. Be forewarned, never interrupt him! He doesn’t take kindly to it. Keep him at arm’s length until help arrives. Purchase your own Chatterer Halloween Mask

Pumpkin Head World Tour

Even though the calendar says February, Halloween is still in the air with Trick or Treat. This frightening pumpkin head has embarked on a world tour, and now he’s in your town. Don’t expect any treats, though. He only delivers sinister tricks, terrorizing people of all ages. If Trick or Treat rings your bell, don’t answer the door. If you do, you’ll live to regret it. Purchase your own Trick or Treat Halloween Mask

Alien Parasite Burrows Through Elderly Lady

In a scene reminiscent of a horror movie, an alien parasite was seen burrowing its way through a human host. The grisly scene unfolded before the eyes of an elderly lady who was walking her dog late last night. “The creature burst out of the poor man,” she gasped when police arrived. “His right arm was already devoured and half of his upper torso was also missing,” the badly shaken lady offered before being taken home. Police are warning all residents to avoid contact with the alien parasite and notify authorities if they see it. Purchase your own Alien Parasite Evil Twin Costume.

Deadly Leprechaun from the Emerald Island

Gather around all you lads and lasses and well wishes of the Halloween prop and mask domain. This is the tale of a deadly Leprechaun from the Emerald Island. Even your lucky four-leaf clover can’t protect you from the Leprechaun’s evil ways. If he calls on you as his dance partner into the macabre, the jig will be up. Purchase your own Leprechaun Collector Halloween Mask.