Monday, September 27, 2010

Amazing Bigfoot Evidence - Sasquatch caught on film in Georgia while on ...

Long thought of as folk lore, the Sasquatch Creature is now known to exist. The pictures shown here prove Sasquatch is no myth. Just how long he has lived is unclear. Some claim he's been around for centuries, while scientists state he's no older than 50. No matter his age, the destructive force of Big Foot is clear. The last time he roamed these parts he left the mountainous area and wiped out many villages. Naturally, all residents in the area expressed concern about the latest sighting. SASQUATCH/BIGFOOT Halloween Costume comes complete with a Deluxe Over Sized Mask with helmet that allows the user to gain an extra 12 inches in height by looking out of the neck. The SASQUATCH/BIGFOOT Halloween Costume also comes with Hand/Arm Extenders, Sasquatch Feet, Muscle suit padding and Sasquatch Costume with attached latex chest piece. NIGHT TERROR COSTUMES MAKE YOU UP TO 1 FOOT TALLER! AS SEEN ON CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, INSIDE EDITION AND EVERY OTHER NEWS AND TV STATION IN THE COUNTRY. WE FOOLED THE WORLD WITH OUR SASQUATCH/BIGFOOT HALLOWEEN COSTUME!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ultimate Werewolf Costume for Haunted House and Halloween

This Studio Werewolf Costume is one of the best in the business. Created by it is made with Movie Hair that has been used in many motion pictures and TV shows. Costume comes complete with Hand Painted Studio Mask with Hand Laid Movie Hair, Studio Werewolf Hands, Studio Werewolf Feet, Glass Eyes, Movie Quality Hair, and Shirt. This Studio Werewolf Costume is already being used in Many Haunted Houses and TV Shows. IF YOU ARE SHOOTING A COMMERCIAL, TV SHOW OR RUN A HAUNTED HOUSE AND NEED A This STUDIO WEREWOLF COSTUME, THIS IS THE COSTUME FOR YOU. COLOR OF SHIRT MAY VARY. 2010 - Making Your NIGHTMARES Come True!

The Horror Dome - Making Nightmares Come True!

GhostBustScarecrow Haunted House Prop -

Haunted Hayrides and Creepy Corn Mazes -- The Ghost Bust. Scarecrow sets the tone for a night of spooky fun! Ghost Bust. Scarecrow includes life-size bust, Scarecrow Routine, and our discrete projector which now comes complete with simple mounting hardware. Instructions provided to make your own Scarecrow.