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Teenagers Discover Cut Head

Last night in the woods, a Cut Head was discovered by a group of teenagers. The beer drinking buddies raced out of the darkness and called the police to investigate their finding. “It was a gruesome sight,” one of the responding officers told reporters. “The guys head was cut right off. It was like something you’d see in the movies.” The Realistic Cut Head was taken to the morgue for tests in hopes of discovering his identity.
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Clown On Murderous Rampage

The bodies are piling up as The Serial Killer continues his murderous ways. Eluding authorities, the unknown assailant claimed another innocent victim last night. Little is known about the suspect, other than his penchant for blood. The victims have included men and women of various ages and backgrounds. While The Serial Killer’s motive is unknown, police are certain he won’t stop his mayhem until he is apprehended.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Burly Men Flee From Spider

Early this morning a giant spider was spotted leaving a crate in a nearby warehouse. The sheer size and ferociousness of the creature made burly men working heavy machinery to flee the scene in fear. Arachnologists are convinced the Crate Spider is extremely venomous and urge the public to avoid the life threatening webs it weaves. “Do not come in contact with the Crate Spider. It is extremely dangerous and will attack even if unprovoked,” a leading expert in the field said. The last sighting of Crate Spider was still the warehouse where it was first seen. Officials are trying to contain it there to prevent the deadly insect from reaching the public.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Acid Puddle Harbors Alien Life

Scientists remain puzzled about an acid puddle recently discovered outside of Chicago. To make matters worse, an alien life form was found living in the deadly liquid. One unfortunate man has already fallen victim to the Acid Puddle, his remains forever captured in the green slime. No one can say for sure how the Acid Puddle formed or where it came from. One thing is certain, if more develop you must avoid them at all cost or face the deadly consequences.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Furniture Flies During Exorcism

Last night a possessed girl engaged in a classic struggle between good and evil with a local priest. Exorcist Girl Talking Head Puppet erupted in an endless barrage of profanity, and then things really got ugly. The young priest’s face grew pale as Exorcist Girl summoned her demonic powers to keep control of the body she inhabited. Furniture flew across the room as Exorcist Girl scowled at the holy man. Blood flowed from Exorcist Girl’s face as the priest gave his best effort to rid the girl of her tormentor. In the end, Exorcist Girl stormed out of the house with the devil remaining in full control of her.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zombie Guard Dog Goes Rogue

Definitely not man’s best friend, Zombie Guard Dog will bite the hand that feeds him and take the whole arm as well. Caked in the blood of his prey, Zombie Guard Dog is constantly on the prowl for his next meal. This spawn of Satan only answers to his master; all others only exist to satisfy his large appetite for flesh.
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Dead Bride On Prowl

Jilted at the altar, Dead Bride is on the prowl for a new husband. All of the single men in town are holding their collective breath, praying she doesn’t cast her eye on them. With her half eaten face and decaying flesh, Dead Bride doesn’t make for the ideal mate. This much is certain; the unfortunate soul she chooses for her groom is in store for a terrifying honeymoon. With Dead Bride, “till death do us part,” takes on a whole new meaning.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Terrifying Creature Attacks Pedestrians

A terrifying creature was spotted the other evening on a busy avenue. The Demon Flesh Eater attacked an unsuspecting pedestrian as he waited for the light to change. With his fangs ripping into the man’s arms and stomach, passersby at the scene fled in terror. Unfortunately, an older gentleman couldn’t escape from the Demon Flesh Eater’s grasp. His cries for help pierced the abandoned streets as Demon Flesh Eater feasted on his latest victim.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Blood Shot Zombie Roaming Westchester

Last night a Westchester man was shot twice in the head, the apparent victim of a gangland hit. When the coroner went to check on the body a few hours later, it was gone. With blood dripping from his head, the member of the undead was seen walking along a deserted street. By the time the police arrived at the scene, the Blood Shot Zombie was gone. Now the entire community is in a panic, fearful of the terrifying creature let loose upon them. Some think he might seek revenge against the mobsters who killed him. Watch for updates about the Blood Shot Zombie as more reports come in.
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Demon Biker Gang Terrorizes Town

There’s a new biker gang in town. The leader comes straight from hell and his name is Demon Rider. He gives skull and bones a whole new meaning whenever he jumps on his motorcycle and kicks up the dirt. If you think you’re tough enough to hang out with Demon Rider and his crew, grab a helmet and start up your bike. Demon Rider will take you on a journey you’ll never forget.
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Fire Breathing Dragon Amazes Crowds

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in fashion with this realistic Fire Breathing Dragon. Watch onlookers scream in terror as the Animatronic Fire Breathing Dragon emits smoke from its mouth and roars in approval. At the last event he was part of, the beast scared all in his path; men, women, and children, no matter their size quaked in fear from the Fire Breathing Dragon.
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Hollywood Starlet Admits Deep Secret

A young Hollywood starlet has finally broken down, revealing her darkest secret. She admitted what many have been saying; she has some kind of magic working for her. Her rise to stardom was due to a Witchy Woman she met last year. Since then she has become an overnight sensation, demanding millions of dollars per film. Her love life also soared as she became engaged to one of Hollywood’s leading men. Now the actress proclaimed the Witchy Woman made her a star and won her the affection of an incredible man. “It’s all true,” she announced in a press conference. “I was a nobody until I found the Witchy Woman Halloween Mask at It worked for me, so maybe it will do the same for others.” Since the story broke the Witchy Woman has been the talk of Hollywood. Almost everyone in the industry has called to meet her, and can’t wait to see the results it brings.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deal With the Devil

The Prince of Darkness will always have the starring role whenever you wear this devilish mask. The Devil will take your soul, but what will you ask for in return? The Devil will strike up a bargain with you; one of mutual benefit. Remember to be careful though, you’re dealing with one tricky customer.
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