Friday, March 11, 2011

Hollywood Starlet Admits Deep Secret

A young Hollywood starlet has finally broken down, revealing her darkest secret. She admitted what many have been saying; she has some kind of magic working for her. Her rise to stardom was due to a Witchy Woman she met last year. Since then she has become an overnight sensation, demanding millions of dollars per film. Her love life also soared as she became engaged to one of Hollywood’s leading men. Now the actress proclaimed the Witchy Woman made her a star and won her the affection of an incredible man. “It’s all true,” she announced in a press conference. “I was a nobody until I found the Witchy Woman Halloween Mask at It worked for me, so maybe it will do the same for others.” Since the story broke the Witchy Woman has been the talk of Hollywood. Almost everyone in the industry has called to meet her, and can’t wait to see the results it brings.
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